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#1 AI Tool to Write 10x faster, engage audiences deeper. Change the way you write with Saze AI.


Tired of staring at a blank page? Let Saze AI do the heavy lifting.

Need blog posts, social media captions, or website copy in a flash? SazeAI's AI technology helps you generate a variety of high-quality content formats quickly and easily.

Let SazeAI Be Your AI Content Wizard

SazeAI's AI technology acts as your creative partner, helping you generate well-written, original content that stands out.

SazeAI's AI Reads Minds (Sort Of), because Saze AI is shaped by a content creator to create compelling content that connects and converts effectively.

Text to Speech

Whether you're looking to improve accessibility, create engaging presentations, or add narration to your videos, our Text to Speech feature provides a powerful and versatile solution

All-in-one platform to generate AI content which doesn't feel AI Written, your imagination made real.

SazeAI's user-friendly design lets you write high-quality content with ease. See a 10x boost in your content creation speed with human like writing shaped by a writer itself!

Fuel your blog with a constant stream of engaging ideas and human-quality content with SazeAI. Write for your audience and watch your engagement soar!

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Hundreds of powerful tools to transform your work

Whether you're crafting compelling copy, generating insightful reports, or automating repetitive tasks, our AI tools provide unparalleled support to enhance your efficiency and creativity.


Long Article Writer

Our most popular tool. Use AI to help you write Long form Article!


AI Text Summarizer

Summarize the main points and key info from any text or article.


AI Story Generator

Write deliciously creative stories to engage your readers.


AI Rewriter

Rewrite content in a different way with Keywords, while keeping the same meaning.


Email Writer

Based on email from client, get a well-written professional reply.


Blog Post Outline

Brainstorm new blog posts outlines that will help you generate unique article.

Speech to Text AI

SazeAI turns speech into text with ease. Get ready to generate custom texts to audio files.


Instagram Bio Generator

Use our AI to write perfect bio for your instagramon account in seconds.


AI Humanizer

Tired of robotic AI writing? Our Humanize AI writes AI Content into natural, human-like text.


Reduce Effort, Save Time with Ready-To-Use Templates

Get started quickly and save time with my pre-built use case templates. Let me simplify your work.

Over 60+ Ready-Made Use Case Templates to save your time

My pre-trained Use Cases empower you to craft high-quality content for apps, social media, videos, SEO, and digital art - all in one convenient place. Save time, money, and unlock limitless creativity!

You can also create a custom use case of your preferences and save it for future use.

Be the King of Content Creation.

Simply provide a few details, and Saze AI handles the rest.



Select Pre-Built Template


Enter specific keywords and see the magic!


Content is ready! You can create, edit and publish.

Image No more human error
Image Create content 10X faster
Image Boost sales with better copy

Start for completely free today and if you love it then only give your money to me!

No credit card is required.

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Generate Digital Arts Like Never Before

Stop searching for stock photos! Generate custom visuals that perfectly match your blog posts, social media content, and more.

No watermark

Different Resolutions

Royality-free commercial use

Powered by DALLE 3 & Stable Diffusion



Subscription Plans

We offer flexible pricing plans so everyone can find one that suits their needs. Check out our pricing table for more information about our features and services.


Free /Monthly

Word limit: 5000
Image limit: 5
Minute limit: 10
Character limit: 1000
Max Image Resolution: 768x1344
Multi Languages
AI Article Writer
Chat With Documents

Premium Plan

₹799 /Monthly

Word limit: 65000
Image limit: 25
Minute limit: 50
Character limit: 5000
Max Image Resolution: 1024x1024
Access Future Use cases
Multi Languages
AI Article Writer
Priority access to new features
Premium support
AI Web Chat
Chat With Documents
Premium AI Assistants



10000 word

10 image

10 minute

20000 character



25000 word

10 image

10 minute

50000 character


Used By Thousands Around The Globe

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Frequently Asked Questions

See what other people are asking about Artifism and be a part of it.

SazeAI employs leading AI models like GPT, Dall-E, and Ada to swiftly generate text, images, code, and other content. The procedure is straightforward: simply furnish a topic or concept, and our AI-powered generator handles the rest.

Absolutely! SazeAI empowers you to create custom templates for your specific use cases. This allows you to streamline your workflow and ensure your content consistently aligns with your brand voice and needs.

Absolutely not! SazeAI prioritizes transparency in its pricing. You'll only be charged for the plan you choose, with no hidden fees or surprise costs.

While SazeAI leverages existing information, it uses its advanced AI to craft original text formats, concepts, and storylines based on your input. You'll have content that feels fresh and personalized.

SazeAI currently offers a limited of payment options. You can choose from popular payment gateway like PayPal for a familiar checkout experience. We also support traditional methods like Direct Bank Transfer.

Absolutely! SazeAI is multilingual and can both read and write in a variety of languages. This allows you to generate high-quality content for a wider audience, even if your target market doesn't speak your native language.

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